Stormrunner's Commission TOS

  1. Please read this TOS it is important. Also, be prepared to answer questions! This is to ensure this TOS is read. This TOS is not only beneficial to me but to YOU as well. Failure to read will result in me not taking your commission until you do read it, if at all!

  2. Correspondence for commissions is by e-mail only. My email is at This is for your benefit as well as mine. However you may contact me though MeeboMe on my web site Here (you may have to wait for the messenger to load), or message me on Meebo as Stormrunner1981 for general inquires. Please Keep a log!

  3. All prices start at base pricing but will change depending on complexity and content.

  4. For the time being Paypal only.

  5. I draw a sketch you pay half. I finish you pay the rest. Material before payment is watermarked no less then THREE times. If you think you can run with it – please don't try.

  6. My prices indicate TWO consecutive edits(read: you say change, I fix, you say change again, I fix) during the SKETCH stage. After this I will check the base colors for your character with you to make sure it is correct. You will have ONE chance to make corrections to the base colors. After that I shade and finish the piece. This is only for DIGITAL media. Any major pose changes (read: A full redraw), or more then two consecutive changes during the sketch stage will be charged extra. If you wait to tell me about the changes to pose etc until after I start coloring I WILL charge extra+ to change it. If wrong, you do have a chance to have me change the colors with no extra charge. If you wait to tell me to do changes that I have given you multiple times to change until the end I will charge you for a new piece! I believe this is only fair after all the effort I put into the image to make sure it is correct.

  7. Concerning traditional pieces. You have the same amount of changes during the sketch stage (there is a possibility if you are not ordering a traditional sketch that the sketch will be digital anyway for accuracy). If you wait to change until after I ink I will charge you extra+ like I do with the digital pieces flat color. This is because I will have to fix the original sketch, make a transfer, then re-ink the image again. I do not ink on the original sketch! If you are getting a color wash I will show you the ink colors on paper to chose from. If you are getting a full colored image I will mix or paint down colors as close to what your character is as possible on a blank sheet. This is your time to pick and approve the colors! I will also do a quick mock up digitally for you to make sure the colors are in the right place. If you wait after the image is done to tell me to change things you will pay for a new piece! I believe this is only fair after all the effort I put into the image to make sure it is correct.

  8. I have the right at anytime to drop a commission for any reason. If you have already paid half you will receive your sketch and receive a partial refund depending on the commission.

  9. YOU have the right to drop the commission at anytime as well. However, by agreeing with this TOS, if the sketch is already done you will need to pay for it to receive it. If you do not pay I will clean up and use the sketch for my own art (but not a commission).

  10. All work is PG-13 or lower with a few exceptions of R rating. I will tell you no if what you want is not within my rating range. Please do not complain when I refuse to do your request as I will happily do something in my range for you. It is not anything personal.

  11. With traditional art shipping cost will be added to the end price if we agree you will receive the piece and the price is negotiated as such. However, this does not have to be paid until the end. It is not part of the half you need to pay after the sketch is complete. However, if we do NOT negotiate for you to have the piece before it is finished, you must pay for the price of the original (I do not charge much!) and the shipping. If there is no negotiation for you to receive the original then I have the right to that piece. I also have the right to sell the original off if I so choose. See #15 below for your rights to the original.

  12. I will make a print of a digital piece and ship it to you. I do not charge much for this depending on the size an paper. If it is normal 8x10 I can print it on my own printer and it will be the cheapest option (generally on bright white med. weight paper). However, larger images I will need to bring to a print shop to get done and you will be charged what I am for the print. After all this shipping will be added. I will have a frame made if so desired, however please note that will take a lot of money and I will expect this BEFORE doing the framing(I will get a quote for you)! Framing is very heavy and will cost a good bit to ship. This will also be quoted and charged before being shipped.

  13. You may ask for a private commission, however if is a color piece and you do not plan to let me post it you must pay double for the right. This is because I will not be able to use it to advertise. This is waived if I will be able to post it after a certain date.

  14. Tell me you want the commission private UP FRONT. Sometimes I stream my work, and if I don't know I will stream and I may end up doing the piece you requested!

  15. You may make a personal copy of your work, however you may not reproduce for sale. You may sell the original traditional media image if you wish, but not copies. I CAN make copies however (though I more then likely WILL NOT as I'd rather only make copies of my own original works).

  16. I take a while to do my art due to a disability I have. This is why I do art first, then you pay later. By agreeing with this TOS you respect this. I will keep you up to date on my art status though my journal, Google docs Here, and by email.